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Matthias Radu

Dabei seit: 02.03.2008
Beiträge: 63

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Including Reconstitution of the battalion in Wezep (Netherlands) in late 1943 / early 1944 and training in Tours (France) in May / early June 1944.

Tiger 003

Tiger 100 Wezep, Spring 1944

Tiger 101

Tiger 111

Tiger 112

Tiger 113

Tiger 114

Tiger 121 Wezep, Spring 1944

Tiger 122

Tiger 123

Tiger 124

Tiger 131

Tiger 132

Tiger 133

Tiger 134

1.Kp Unbekannte

Cà di Lugo - April 1945

Possibly 1.Kp

Tiger 200 Wezep - Spring 1944 - Lost 22Jun1944 bei Massa Marittima

200 Emilia - Sep/Dec44

200 bei Massa Lombarda - lost on April 12th, 1945

Tiger 201

Tiger 211 bei Massa Lombarda - Lost on April 12th, 1945, fighitng against New Zealand Troops.
This is the original position of the tank. When hit, the gun was in the 2 o'clock position, as the crew feared enemy action from the right (East).

The Tiger was then moved off the road by an M32 recovery tank.

The turret was turned to 6 o'clock, possibly to avoid obstructing traffic.

Tiger 212 bei Massa Lombarda, also lost on April 12th, 1945.
At the moment of the loss it was commanded by Lt. Clemens . He was wounded in the head when the tank was hit in the hull between the exhausts.

Tiger 213

Tiger 214

Tiger 221 Cecina, lost on July 1st, 1944 against 752th US Tank Battalion.


Tiger 222 - Lost to US forces north of Potassa, late June 1944

Tiger 223 Wezep, Spring 1944

Tiger 224

Tiger 231

Tiger 232

Tiger 233

Tiger 234

2.Kp Unbekannte

bei Rimini (Sept/Dec 1944)

Vermutlich 2. Kp Vicopisano (Summer 1944)

Bei Massa Marittima - Probably 2Kp, possibly 211

Vermutlich 2. Kp. The Soldier, who has been recognised by his family members as Fritz Wagner, has always been with 2. Kompanie.


Tiger 300

Tiger 301
The picture should have been taken after February, 1945, when 504 received the last Tigers of s.PzAbt 508, as the track links on the front armor were tipical of 508

Tiger 311

Tiger 312 Pian delle Pieve

Tiger 313
Wezep, Spring 1944

Tiger 314

Tiger 321 (Probably)

Tiger 322

Tiger 323 Wezep, Spring 1944

Tiger 324 Pian delle Pieve

Tiger 331

331 San Pietro in Gu near Vicenza (North of the river Po)

Tiger 332 bei Massa Lombarda - lost on April 12th, 1945

Tiger 333

Tiger 334

3.Kp Unbekannte

Rimini / Gothic Line

Sant'Agata / Massa Lombarda - lost on April 12th, 1945.

3x2 Wezep, Spring 1944

3x4 Wezep, Spring 1944

Ronco (bei Forli) Spring 1945

Kompanie Unbekannte

Finale Emilia (near Mantua), April 1945

Lugo - April 1945

Medicina - April 1945

Poggio Rusco (near Finale Emilia) - April 1945

Barbiano - Senio River Crossing - April 1945


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Apologies to anyone who's been missed

Compiled by Chris Brown with the assistance of Mario Lippert, Jens Hansen, Allen Dail, Hartmut von Holdt, Alexander Chibisov, Grant Hall, Federico Peyrani, Marco Dalmonte, Evgeniy Muzalkov, Øyvind Leonsen, Jonas Rosberg, Yann Jouault and David Byrden.

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