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Chris Brown
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Established in January 1943, the Battalion was soon earmarked for employment in hot climates and was transported to Italy in late February. In March 1943 the 1.Kp with 11 Tigers was shipped to Tunisia, whilst the 2.Kp remained in Italy.

1.Kp Tigers usually sported solid red turret numbers in the middle of the turret side and on the turret bin. The digits were small at about ¼ turret height, making them difficult to identify in photographs.

A distinguishing feature of early 504 Tigers is the use of a small white rhomboid (with a red stripe) followed by the Company number, on the front hull side.

Tiger 100

Tiger 101

Tiger 111

Tiger 112

Tiger 121

Tiger 122

Tiger 131

Abandoned by its crew on 19Apr43, #131 was recovered by the British and shipped to the UK for evaluation. Now restored to running order #131 is displayed at the Tank Museum at Bovington in Dorset.
There are a lot of pics of #131 in existence and included here is a selection from various locations


Tunis City

King George VI – Tunis City

Churchill – Tunis City


London - Horse Guards Parade

Tiger 132

Tiger 141

Tiger 142

Nicht identifizierte Tiger der 1.Kompanie

B.A.N. Karouba


Hauptman Rosshirt is sitting on this Tiger, which is not a Befehls Tiger because of the presence of a co-axial machine gun. The second pic is a match.

Greg Del Nero
Archive of Modern Conflict (Warfare Through the Lens)
Archiv C.F
Australian War Memorial
San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive
Tigers in Combat I/Schneider
Tiger I on the Western Front/Restayn
Tiger The History of a Legendary Weapon/Kleine Kuhn
Tigers at the Front/Jentz
Strike from the Sky/Hallion
National Inquirer
Axishistory forum
‘The Web’
Apologies to any source/publication I have been unable to recall.

With the assistance of Hartmut von Holdt, Mario Lippert, Federico Peyrani, Allen Dail, Kieron Hill, Yann Jouault, Rob Fraser, Phil Appleyard, Robert Kraska, David Byrden and John Winwood.

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