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Thema: Weiße Wäsche Rädern?
Steve Foster

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Weiße Wäsche Rädern? 21.12.2010 11:27 Forum: Panzerabteilung Müncheberg

Weiße Wäsche Rädern?

Do you guys think 323's wheels are white washed? The photos have a high contrast, and the highlights are blown out in some areas, but those outer road wheels look very light, like they were painted white. They are a close match to the the white looking stripes painted on the trees.

In addition, the front track bar looks different than most track bars I have seen on Tigers. I am trying to determine what type of bar it is and when it would have been installed on a Tiger. What time period during the war that this bar was used.

Thema: 008 Korrekte Schreibweise der Kommandant Namen?
Steve Foster

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008 Korrekte Schreibweise der Kommandant Namen? 21.12.2010 04:43 Forum: sSSPzAbt.501

I am searching for the correct spelling of the Königstiger 008 commander's last name.

Unterscharführer Eduard Kalinowski or Eduard Kalinowsky?

I have seen it spelled both ways on the internet. I think that Kalinowski is the correct spelling, but I am not certain. Most websites state "sky". The Peddinghaus model decal sheet states "ski", along with a smaller number of websites.

Also regarding 008, Peddinghaus made the 008 turret numbers gelb, but made the 009 numbers rot. I think the numbers appear too light in the existing 008 B&W photos to be red. The one 009 photo looks to be the same shade as 008. I think both 008 and 009 numbers were probably yellow with white outlines. Anyone else agree or disagree?

Thema: Fallschirm Panzer Division 1 Hermann Göring
Steve Foster

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09.12.2010 10:32 Forum: Free for all

Has anyone seen a photo of this Tiger or have any information on it? Looks like it is supposed to be a hybrid, with steel wheels mounted on an early chassis.

Thema: Fallschirm Panzer Division 1 Hermann Göring
Steve Foster

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Fallschirm Panzer Division 1 Hermann Göring 05.12.2010 10:12 Forum: Free for all

I do not see a section for Tigers of the Hermann Göring Division. Are there any photos posted on this site of Hermann Göring Tigers?

Thema: Müncheberg-Tiger
Steve Foster

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04.12.2010 09:56 Forum: Panzerabteilung Müncheberg

Hallo Chris,

You are right about the turret bin being smashed more at the top than the bottom. I just meant it is kind of smashed all the way across horizontally. Not just crushed in a few areas but over most of the surface area.

It would be nice to see a better image of the photo posted by Robert Kraska (the one that is all faded out, with a Russian soldier standing on the upper rear deck of the Tiger).

The tank appears to be cammo painted, probably dark yellow base, with red brown or olive green or both applied over the yellow.

Ice cleat tracks, late sprocket hubs, 2 spare track holders on loader's side, only the top part of one track holder on the commander's side of turret (that is a bit strange). Five outer road wheels missing, 3 on driver's side, 2 on hull gunner's side. One of said road wheels lying on the upper engine deck. No jack, tool box is missing.

Mysteriously, in the photo with the two Russians standing directly in front of the tank, the hull gunner's side tow shackle is missing along with the driver side shackle. In the other photos that show the front of the tank, the shackle is in place, only the driver side shackle is missing. I wonder why the Russians removed the one remaining tow shackle..

Some other differences seen in this photo, are the hull machine gun has been lowered, the driver's hatch has been partially closed, and it looks like they may have removed the black-out cover from the headlight. In addition, of course, to traversing the turret around to the hull gunner's side.

Prior to that photo being taken, they certainly were busy playing around with the tank.

Then that Russian woman (looks like a woman to me) who is standing on the track, is blocking the view of the "323" number in the rear view photo. Of all the places she could pick to stand, she stands right infront of the turret number! I would have told her to move if I had been the photographer.

Thema: Müncheberg-Tiger
Steve Foster

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Achtung Brandenburger Tor Tiger 323 Müncheberg 03.12.2010 03:38 Forum: Panzerabteilung Müncheberg

I have been attempting to research this panzer for many months now.

I also agree that the swastika was painted by Germans. These are my reasons for this conclusion:

1) The width of the white outline matches the 323 number on the commander's side of turret.

2) The 323 number has been positioned further back from the turret front on the commander's side. The 323 on the loader's side is further forward in a more "normal" position for typical turret numbers (when applied to the forward turret sides).

3) The rearward placement of the 323 seems intentional to make room for painting of the swastika ahead of it.

4) The swastika's shape has been carefully laid out, with all four hooks painted fairly symetrically and in equal sized quadrants. Someone spent time painting this swastika on the tank. This was NOT painted on sloppily in a quick manner. No Russian would have taken the time to paint this as precisely as it appears in the photos.

5) Why would any Russian even bother to spend any time at all painting a swastika on this panzer? What would be the need for the Russians to do this? So they know it is a German panzer?? It makes no sense for Russians to have done this..

My unanswered questions regarding the swastika marking on this panzer:

1) Why was the National Socialist swastika painted on the tank, instead of the regular balkenkreuz black and white cross that normally was applied to the panzers?

2) Why apply it to ONLY one side of the turret? Why not put the swastika on both sides? One side only because of lack of time? Or some other reason..

3) The swastika appears to be filled in solid, painted inside the white outlines. I wonder what color would have been used for this, black, red, blue?

4) The 323 numbers, in comparision, look to be only white outlined, with no solid fill inside them (at least to me they do).

Destruction of the rear storage bin:

This tank's storage bin (on rear of turret) has been completely smashed and almost uniformly flattened up against the rear turret wall. What do you think could have caused this or done this to the storage bin? It looks like it received an extremely violent blow or great pressure, to completely flatten and smash the whole bin like shown in the photos. Does not look like shell impacts. Maybe the panzer was driven through or against some large object and the pressure of that object crushed the storage bin? Perhaps the rear of the turret was exposed and pressed up against the large object (tree, trees, house or building etc.) while the panzer was moving.

Poor German translation below in case someone doesn't like or can't read the English version:

Ich habe versucht, diese Panzer für viele Monate nun Forschung.

Ich stimme auch, dass das Hakenkreuz von Deutschen gemalt wurde. Dies sind meine Gründe für diese Schlussfolgerung:

1) Die Breite der weißen Kontur entspricht der 323-Nummer auf der Seite des Kommandanten der Turm.

2) Die 323-Nummer wurde weiter zurück von der Front Revolver auf der Seite des Kommandanten positioniert. Die 323 auf dem Lader Seite weiter nach vorne in eine "normale" Position für typische Turm Zahlen (wenn der vorausschauenden Turmseiten angewendet).

3) Das hintere Platzierung der 323 scheint absichtlich, um Platz für die Malerei des Hakenkreuzes vor sich zu machen.

4) Das Hakenkreuz die Form wurde sorgfältig aus, mit allen vier vorgesehenen Haken ziemlich symmetrisch und in gleicher Größe Quadranten gemalt. Jemand verbrachte Zeit mit dem Malen dieser Hakenkreuz auf den Tank. Dies war nicht auf schlampig in eine schnelle Art und Weise gemalt. Kein Russe würde die Zeit, diese so genau wie es auf den Fotos erscheint Farbe genommen haben.

5) Warum sollte jeder russischen einmal die Mühe, jederzeit alle Gemälde verbringen ein Hakenkreuz auf dieser Panzer? Was würde die Notwendigkeit für die Russen, dies zu tun? Und sie weiß, es ist ein deutscher Panzer? Es macht keinen Sinn für die Russen getan, um diese haben ..

Meine offenen Fragen in Bezug auf das Hakenkreuz-Kennzeichnung auf diesen Panzer:

1) Warum wurde die nationalsozialistische Hakenkreuz auf dem Tank gemalt, anstatt dem regulären balkenkreuz schwarzen und weißen Kreuz, das normalerweise auf die Panzer eingesetzt wurde?

2) Warum gilt es nur die eine Seite des Turms? Warum nicht das Hakenkreuz auf beiden Seiten? Eine Seite nur wegen des Mangels an Zeit? Oder aus einem anderen Grund ..

3) Das Hakenkreuz scheint in fester gefüllt werden, gemalt in den weißen Konturen. Ich frage mich, welche Farbe würde für diese verwendet wurden, schwarz, rot, blau?

4) Die 323-Nummern, im Vergleich zu sehen, dass sie nur weiß dargestellt, ohne massive füllen in ihnen (zumindest für mich sie zu tun).

Die Zerstörung der hinteren Lagerplatz:

Dieser Tank ist Lagerplatz (auf der Rückseite des Turm) wurde komplett zerstört und nahezu gleichmäßig bis an die hintere Wand Revolver abgeflacht. Was denken Sie könnte diese verursacht oder dies getan haben, um den Lagerplatz? Es sieht aus wie ein äußerst heftigen Schlag oder starken Druck erhalten haben, vollständig zu glätten und zerschlagen die ganze bin wie auf den Fotos dargestellt. Sieht nicht wie Shell Auswirkungen. Vielleicht ist der Panzer wurde durch oder gegen einige große Aufgabe getrieben, und der Druck des Objekts der Lagerplatz erdrückt? Vielleicht ist die Rückseite des Turmes wurde freigelegt und gegen das große Objekt (Baum, Bäume, Haus oder Gebäude etc.) gedrückt, während der Panzer war in Bewegung.

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