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Geschrieben von Blondel/Pascal am 01.03.2010 um 10:22:

PzK. (Fkl) 316 or not ?

What do you think about this ? :

Geschrieben von Hartmut von Holdt am 01.03.2010 um 11:25:

Vom Standort her sehr nahe an Einsatzgebieten der Panzerlehrdivision/Fkl.316 im Bereich "Verdun", "Reims" im Juli 1944.

Möglicherweise sind die Tiger I im Gebiet um "Reims" verblieben, "Marle" ist hier sehr nahe.

To me Panzerlehr/Fkl.316 seems the most possibly unit for this Tiger.

Hartmut von Holdt

Geschrieben von Mario Lippert am 07.03.2010 um 22:36:

Bei ML gepostet, Farbfilm des Marle-Tigers


Geschrieben von Jens Müller am 08.03.2010 um 21:55:

Sehr schöner Fund! Danke! Augenzwinkern

Geschrieben von Hartmut von Holdt am 14.08.2011 um 12:09:

Probably this Tiger belonged to FKL 316. But actually i think 316 had him(+2 other Tiger I) just in the inventory but never in fighting service.

That means the 3 Tiger I were former Lehr tanks and were in use as school Tiger in the Panzertruppenschule(Kompanieführerschule) in Versailles/Paris before.

The Tiger was probably not used in a fighting unit in France and marched without a crew but he was just on the transport from Versailles to Mons. Paris was liberated and so they try to save the school tanks. Railroad was down(remember Braine transport) and they have to go on road.

The Tiger had towing ropes fixed and was towed from direction Paris into the rue lalouette in Marle. The Tiger was abandoned there for some reason(fuel problems).

Later he was towed from the narrow street to the place in front of the gothic church in Marle.

That is my theory about this Tiger. He was an FKL 316 tank in use as a school Tiger in Versailles/Paris.

Hartmut von Holdt

Geschrieben von Mario Lippert am 15.06.2015 um 21:20:

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